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VSDC FREE HD Video Editing Software “Green Screen” “Chroma Key” for Windows TURN ON ANNOTATIONS and view in full screen (buttons are in lower-right corner of your YouTube window)! See the above link for more tutorials and DOWNLOAD LINKS for this and other great free video editor software programs. VSDC Free Video Editor is currently free as a beta release for Windows. It includes very good and easy “chroma key” “green screen” editing capability. VSDC Video Editor is currently freeware as a beta release. It’s currently one of the few free software programs that has “chroma key” editing capability. Now you too can make videos like freddiew! I’m aware of only two other freeware programs with chroma key capability (Debugmode WAX and Zwei-Stein), and both are difficult to use as compared to VSDC. Additionally, with VSDC you can edit and save in most popular video formats and compression schemes including high definition (HD), AVI, H.264, MP4, MKV, MTS, 3GP, WMV, QT, MP3, MPEG2 FLV, SWF. YouTube. Get it now while it’s free because eventually this will go payware. Music Credits! “Faster Than the Eye Can Perceive” by DJ Rkod is licensed under a Creative Commons license:

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25 Responses to VSDC FREE HD Video Editing Software “Green Screen” “Chroma Key” for Windows

  1. t00nz843z says:

    Please click on the blogspot link in the video info section above. It will take you to my tutorial blog for video editing. The blog covers basic video editing (merging, splicing, cutting) all the way top advanced editing (chroma key green-screen effects).

  2. KirmesRuf6 says:

    a flying oreo ;D

  3. Tangleize Box says:

    how to make it a movie

  4. t00nz843z says:

    Cool, looks good. A couple comments, not sure if you’ve discovered it yet, but you can crop your inserted video to get rid of the watermark on the original. To crop, insert a sprite, and insert your effect video into the sprite. Slide the effect video within the sprite until the watermark is outside of the sprite’s borders. When you go back to scene mode, everything outside the sprite’s borders will be cropped.

  5. CinkCD says:

    BTW, here is the link to the finished video: watch?v=IcnxGxg-MD8

  6. CinkCD says:

    Thank you sooo much! I had to tweak the settings a bit, but it came out nearly perfect! You`re by far the one who has helped me out the most! Keep up the good work, and again: THANK YOU!

  7. t00nz843z says:

    It takes a little practice and playing with each function to see what they do. Starting with the first, slowly change each until the effect appears best, then move onto the next and repeat. Here’s what I used:
    For the basic Chroma settings try:
    Min Brightness 24
    Min ChormaU 35
    Min ChromaV 15

    Yes set Alfa to True and
    Max Bright 121
    Max ChromU 86
    Max ChromV 73
    Alfa Factor 368
    Alfa Offest -33

  8. CinkCD says:

    Somehow I still can`t get the chroma key adjustment to work good enough with the HSL adjustments. What should I set the chroma key adjustments to? And should I set the “addaptive alfa”-option to “true”?

  9. t00nz843z says:

    Got your message. See my new video watch?v=SCRSt3A80Ns.
    Adjust your chroma values as mentioned until you get the desired effect. Don’t worry if the smoke and tracks still have a green tinge. Once you get the desired effect, next import the Hue, Saturation, and Lightness Adjustment (Video Effects / Adjustments / HSL). Adjust the HSL values until the color and lightness of the tracks and smoke are as desired. Used H 70, S 33, and L 129 to get the dusty color shown. New tutorial soon.

  10. CinkCD says:

    He can also Save the project in the editors own format, then just re-open the file and it should work.

  11. t00nz843z says:

    Please see the above link directly under the video.

  12. racecar racecar says:

    how do i get the software

  13. t00nz843z says:

    It doesn’t come with an embedded sound effects library, but you can easily import sound effects files into your projects with VSDC. I use YouTube as the biggest sound effects library of them all for my projects. As example, in the above YouTube search bar, type Sound Effects Lightning, or Gun Sound Effects. See what I mean? I also use YouTube as my library for green screen effects. You’ll need a downloader to do such though. I use Freemake, but there are many other options out there.

  14. TheCarlitosguey1000 says:

    does it have like sound effects?

  15. t00nz843z says:

    To silence (mute) a video, clip on its tab located directly above the timelin. Then open its “Properties” in the right column. Scroll this window to the bottom to locate the “Audio Track” selection. Click on it and select “Don’t use audio”. This will mute the audio track for that video clip. You could then insert and use your audacity audio track in its place.

  16. beastlywill23 says:

    Hey was wondering how to silence a video. et me exlain I was having recording issues wth my screen recorder so I recorded my audio in audacity I just cant figure out how to take the audio out of the video. PLEASE HELP

  17. t00nz843z says:

    First save your project file. Then click on “Help” and then “Check for Updates” to see if you have the latest version of VSDC. I ran into that same problem a long time ago, but it was caused by a bug in an older version of this program (did you download it from the link on my blog site?).

  18. marcus smith says:

    when i put build project it says no items are shown how do i get the project their

  19. javacofe says:

    Nice video :)

    I’ve just been booted out of the ‘premiere camp’ since I’m not able to use it on my work PC, and this demo of VSDC covers most of what I do already. So Thanks!

  20. marcus smith says:


  21. t00nz843z says:

    Also, check out my new video for today showing what can be done with this program. Clcik on my name to see my newest video, or

  22. t00nz843z says:

    Yes, it’s done by fine-tuning the three controls Minimum Brightness, Minimum Chromacity U, and Minimum Chromacity V. First slight Brightness until the background just starts to disappear. Next slide U and V the same way, just until you see a slight reduction effect for each. Then repeat the cycle staring at Brightness sliding it right a little bit more, then U, then V. It takes a little practice, but you should soon get the feel to get rid of nearly all the green.

  23. marcus smith says:

    i got it so far but is there any way to get that outline of green out?

  24. t00nz843z says:

    Scroll down to my discussion with jwipe who had the same problem. If this happens, try saving your video’s project file, then reloading from the project file. For some reason, this sometimes corrects the problem.

  25. marcus smith says:

    i do what you say but the color does not blend with the background

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